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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Renee Bruhl - Maiden name Slunecko, Patricia Blough, and Ann Miller- Missing since 1966

Missing Since: July 2, 1966 from Indiana Dunes State Park, Indiana
Classification: Endangered Missing
 Renee Bruhl, below


Patricia Blough, above

Ann Miller, above

Renee Bruhl:
Age: 19 years old
Height: 5'9
Distinguishing Characteristics: Brown hair, hazel eyes. Bruhl's maiden name is Slunecko.
Clothing/Jewelry Description: A brown swimsuit with a pattern of green flowers and gold leaves.

Patricia Blough:
Age: 19 years old
 Height and Weight: 5'4, 115 pounds
 Distingtishing Characteristics: Caucasian female. Brown hair, brown eyes. Blough's nickname is Patty.
Clothing/Jewelry Description: A bright yellow bikini bathing suit with ruffles.

 Ann Miller:
Age: 21 years old
 Height: 5'2
 Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian female. Brown hair, blue eyes.
 Clothing/Jewelry Description: A blue two-piece bathing suit with a red belt.
 Medical Conditions: Miller may have been three months pregnant at the time of her July 1966 disappearance, but this information is unconfirmed.

Details of Disappearance

Bruhl and two of her friends, Patricia Blough and Ann Miller, drove to the Indiana Dunes State Park in Indiana on July 2, 1966. Miller drove her four-door 1955 Buick and picked Blough up from her family's residence in Westchester, Illinois at approximately 8:00 a.m. Blough told her mother the women planned to return home early in the evening to allow Bruhl time to prepare dinner for her husband. Miller and Blough picked up Bruhl from her home on West Fulton Street on the west side of Chicago, Illinois and stopped at a drugstore to purchase suntan lotion. The women arrived at the Indiana Dunes State Park at approximately 10:00 a.m. Miller parked in the park's lot and the women hiked to a spot approximately 100 yards from the Lake Michigan shoreline.
A couple reported seeing the women leave their belongings on the beach at approximately 12:00 p.m. and enter the lake together. The witnesses saw them speaking to an unidentified man operating a 14- to 16-foot-long white boat with a blue interior and and outboard motor sometime afterwards. The couple reported their observations to a park ranger around dusk when they noticed that the women's belongings were still sitting unclaimed on the beach. The witnesses stated that the women went aboard the boat and headed west with the driver. Bruhl, Blough and Miller have never been seen again.

Bruhl left her large-sized towel, shorts, blouse, cigarettes, suntan lotion, 25 cents and her purse containing approximately $55 in checks on the beach.

 Miller left her denim shorts, a polo shirt, shoes, a white bathing cap, a comb and her Thermos bottle on the beach.

Blough left a yellow robe, sunglasses, a transistor radio, a white print towel and her wallet containing five dollars on the beach.

The three women's belongings were collected by the ranger the night of their disappearance and stored in the Park Superintendent's offices until two days later on July 4, 1966. Blough's father called the office on that day, asking if anyone had seen the women. The park rangers soon learned that missing persons' reports had been filed for Blough, Miller and Bruhl over the weekend in Illinois by their families. The rangers began investigating the park and located Miller's Buick in the parking lot. Her car keys had been located with her belongings and some items of the women's clothing and other personal effects were still inside the vehicle. The car was apparently parked in its original space from July 2. The park rangers contacted other law enforcement agencies, including the United States Coast Guard. A search for the missing women was initiated on July 5, three days after the women disappeared. Additional witnesses came forward with conflicting stories regarding the women's last known movements, but authorities believe that the first witnesses' reports stating that the women were seen boarding a boat were the most reliable.

The search was extended to a six-mile stretch of beach west of the state park near the Ogden Dunes later in the week. More witnesses began substantiating the initial reports that the women entered a white boat operated by an unidentified man. Later accounts described the male as in his early twenties with a tanned complexion and dark, wavy hair. He was wearing a beach jacket at the time. A visitor was filming home movies at the state park on July 2 and offered his reels to investigators. The search was immediately narrowed to two boats once authorities viewed the footage. One was a fiberglass 16- to 18-foot-long trimaran runabout with a three-hulled design, which was operated by a man fitting the description of the unidentified driver. Three females matching the missing women were seen aboard the smaller boat in the footage. The second boat identified was a 26- to 28-foot-long Trojan cabin cruiser with three men aboard along with three women. The cabin cruiser was seen at approximately 3:00 p.m. three hours after the women entered the smaller vessel. Investigators believe that the women may have been dropped off on the beach by the driver of the smaller boat while he drove back to retrieve two male friends and the cabin cruiser. Blough, Miller and Bruhl were reportedly seen eating and walking along the sand dunes after this time. They were approached by another unidentified man, who accompanied them on to the cabin cruiser. Witnesses stated that the cabin cruiser was equipped with a radio/telephone antenna, but apparently did not have a name printed on its stern. This final sighting has never been confirmed, but is considered reliable by authorities.

Investigators began researching the women's backgrounds in an attempt to discover if their disappearances were voluntary. Authorities found a note addressed to Bruhl's husband, Jeffery, in her purse. The couple had been married for 15 months in July of 1966. The note stated that Bruhl felt Jeffery spent too much time working on hot-rod cars with his friends and insinuated that she wanted to leave the relationship. Jeffery told authorities that he was not aware of any major marital problems at the time his wife vanished. Her family agreed with Jeffery's statement, telling investigators that they felt Bruhl penned the note in a moment of anger and never gave it to her husband because she changed her mind.

All three women were horse enthusiasts, which pointed to a possible connection with criminal activity. Blough and Miller met while boarding their horses at the same Illinois stable. Bruhl was a classmate of Blough's from Proviso West High School in Maywood, Illinois. Bruhl completed a one-year course in medical technology at a school located in The Loop of Chicago after her high school graduation. Miller and Blough were associated with men who had criminal backgrounds in the horse market. Blough was reportedly having problems with 'horse syndicate people' in the spring and summer of 1966 and Miller's friends told authorities that she may have been three months pregnant at the time she disappeared. Both Miller and Blough arrived at their respective residences shortly before dawn the day they vanished. It is not known if events during the early morning hours of July 2 led to the women's disappearances.

Blough was a very skilled swimmer who could swim 20 to 30 miles; Miller was thought to possess similar abilities and Bruhl's family stated that she had fair swimming skills. Drowning was considered a possibility in the disappearances, but an unlikely one.

There have been many unconfirmed sightings of the three women throughout the years, but leads never surfaced. The boats they were reportedly seen boarding on July 2, 1966 have never been located, nor have the unidentified men spotted on the vessels been seen again. Debris from an apparent boat wreck were discovered near the Bailly Generating Station Of Northern Indiana Public Service Company on Lake Michigan shortly after the July 2 disappearances. There were no reports of any missing boats the day the women vanished and authorities do not know if the debris is connected to their cases.

A psychic once envisioned a Lake Michigan cabin where the women's bodies may have been buried. An extensive search of the property believed to be the location seen by the psychic did not uncover any evidence. Authorities pointed out that the shifting sand dunes may have buried any possible evidence deeply into the ground.

Blough, Miller and Bruhl frequently rode horses at Tri Color Stables in Palatine, Illinois in 1966. The stables were owned by George Jayne, a prominent horse dealer. George and his brother, Silas Jayne, were involved in a bitter argument over horse dealing during the mid-1960's. Cheryl Ann Rude, a young woman associated with the horse market, was killed at Tri Color Stables in June 1965 by a car bomb discovered to be intended for George. George asked Rude to move his Cadillac from the stable entrance and the bomb exploded. Investigators have explored the possibility that Blough, Miller and/or Bruhl may have witnessed the bomb being planted one year prior to their disappearances. This theory may explain Blough's odd remarks about a facial injury she received March 1966 and the connection to "syndicate" people. It has never been proven. George and Silas's phone numbers were discovered in the belongings of one of the missing women in 1966. George was killed by a gunshot wound in 1970; Silas was later convicted of conspiracy in his brother's murder and imprisoned. Silas died in 1987; he is also a suspect in the 1977 disappearance and probable murder of Helen Voorhees Brach. James Blottiaux was charged with planting the 1965 car bomb that killed Rude at George's stable in 1997. None of the men have been proven to have been involved with Blough, Miller and Bruhl's disappearances, but it does lead to speculation that something may have occurred to cause the three women to vanish.

Silas Jayne reportedly told a sheriff that he had three bodies buried underneath his residence some time after the women's 1966 disappearances. Law enforcement took the comment seriously and planned to search Silas's property; the sheriff involved was killed in a farming accident before the search took place. As a result, the lead was left cold.

The Indiana Dunes State Park where Blough, Miller and Bruhl were last seen is now called the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Their cases remain open but inactive and unsolved.

Investigating Agency
If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
Indiana State Police

Source Information
The Indiana Dunes State Park Mystery
The Chronicle Of The Horse
Village Confidential: Palatine Police

Renee Pernice- Missing-

Renee Pernice has been missing since January 1, 2009. Any tips or information related to Renee's disappearance should be reported to the Tips Hotline at 816-474-TIPS. There is a $25,000 reward. Follow this link if you would like to print a copy of the latest flyer - http://www.docstoc.com/docs/4617872/Flyer3

The information herein was obtained from the myspace page set up about Renee:

  • Renee Pernice

  • 36 / Female
  • Kansas City, Missouri, US
Here are the facts that have been made public concerning the first week of Renée’s disappearance. All known facts in the case cannot be published due to the ongoing death investigation being carried out by the Kansas City Missouri Police Department and the Clay County Prosecutor’s Office. • On January 2, Shon was suppose to be leaving to attend a training session with the MO. National Guard. Instead, at around noon, he got the boys from the neighbor’s and picked up his daughter from her mother’s house. Later in the evening his daughter became distraught that Renée was not there and emailed her mother around 9:30pm asking to come home. • On Saturday, January 3, approximately 4:30am, Shon left his 11, 8, and 6 year old children alone (while they were sleeping) at home to go to Fire Station #5. He used his keycard to enter Fire Station #5’s Hazmat storage area. This area stores chemicals used for clean-up of hazardous spills, etc. Shon, an EMT for the Independence, MO, fire department was assigned to Fire Station #7, and he was not even supposed to be working at that time because he was on leave to attend his MO. National Guard training. • On Saturday, January 3, the mother of Shon’s daughter picked her up, cutting short the normal visit. • On Saturday, January 3, a family member called Renée’s home to speak to Renée. Shon answered and said that he did not know where Renée was. Family members called 911. Shon Pernice has given conflicting information on when he last saw Renée. He told a family member it was on January 1. He told police it was on the morning of January 2 between 9 and 10am. • At approximately 3:00pm, family members met Officers at Renee’s home. Family members along with officers entered the residence. They discovered that no one was home. They also discovered that Renee’s purse, vehicle, personal hygeine items and coat were at the residence. They noticed that Renee’s wallet, credit cards and cell phone were missing. Renee’s vehicle was in the garage. • While at the residence a call came in to a family member from Renée’s cell phone. (It was approximately 4pm. ) A homeless man had found the phone at approximately 1am that morning (1/3/09) on the ground in the northeast part of KCMO, approximately 12 miles from Renée’s home. Police sent a patrolman to pick up Renée’s phone from the homeless person. The family filed a missing person report while at the residence. • Shortly after the call Shon and 2 attorneys came in the house and ordered the family and police to leave. Shon’s attorneys said that Shon would not be speaking to family members or the police except through his attorneys. • On Sunday, January 4, Renée’s family immediately printed up posters and began posting flyers. They also searched portions of Kessler Park close to where Renée’s cell phone was found. In addition, they contacted the local news stations asking if they would broadcast the news of Renée’s disappearance. • On Monday, January 5, Detectives found divorce documents at Renée’s place of employment. They also found a photo of Shon with one of the children and an unknown woman in the file. • On Tuesday, January 6, in the evening, Shon drove to Line Creek Park, approximately 1.5 miles from Renée’s house and let the family dog out of the van and left. Detectives who were observing Shon retrieved the dog. • Shon Pernice has not cooperated with police and will only speak through his attorneys. It took until January 7 for police to obtain a warrant to search Renée’s house and January 9 for the car. AFFIDAVITS THAT CONTAIN MUCH OF THIS INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND AT THE FOLLOWING LINKS - http://www.docstoc.com/docs/4617840/Aff-1

 Please help this family in finding out what happened.

Crystal Fox- Missing in California

The following is directly from the myspace page that Crystal's father has set up:

About me:
My 29 year old daughter is missing in California. She missed her Mom's birthday which never happens. Xmas might come and go but My wife's birthday she never missed. we received a call on January 7th from Sacramento that her car a 1996 toyota Tercel had been found abandoned in a parking area next to the Golden Gate bridge on or about the 30th of December.She had like many others lost her job and I find out now had been selling her pocessions and had ended a relationship.She had been living on her own for close to 6 years. She never asked for help. I have a Myspace webPage set up for her. If you can help please link to it or pass it on to as many contacts as you can. She has lived in California Sacramento area middletown pennsylvania.She spent most of her life in South Florida Tamarac. She was a graduate of Taravella high School. Her Myspace page is http://www.myspace.com/crystalannfox Missing: Name: Crystal Ann Fox Date Of Birth: 12-8-1979 Date Missing: 12-30-08 Age: 29 Female Adult Race: Caucasian Height: 5’7” Weight: 110 lbs Hair Color: Blonde/ Red Light complexion Identifying Characteristics: Left eyebrow & tongue pierced. Multiple earring piercing. Clothing: Grey old navy sweatshirt, Jeans.Possibly..Not sure Contact: Golden Gate Park Police (415)-561-5510 Report #09-209 Or Contact: frank_fox01@yahoo.com
Who I'd like to meet:
PLEASE HELP IN ANYWAY YOU CAN BY FORWARDING THIS........... Or posting to a large group or maybe a media site sending a bulletin..
 Photos are also from her myspace page set up by her father.

Diane Prevost

The Case of Diane Prevost

All of the following information has been taken from this site:

I am respectively resposting this information here in an attempt to help get more media coverage about Diane.

What Happened

It was Saturday, September 17, 1966 at a Grundy Provincial Park camp site, where a family with four children and their grand-parents were camping.

The father, Bernard, 25, his father, Adolias and Claude, 4, enjoyed fishing at the dock. The mother, Claire, and Therese, the grand-mother, would usually go to water´s edge and watch Joanne, 5, and Lise, 3, play in the water. The youngest child, Diane 2, was afraid of the water and she wouldn´t go near the lake. The family would go camping at Grundy on a regular basis. They went almost every weekend.

On this Saturday in September, Bernard and Claire decided to bring the four kids to the beach while Bernard fished on the dock. Adolias and Therese decided to take a nap while the rest of the family was down at the beach. Bernard was on the dock fishing. Claire, Joanne, Claude and Lise were looking for frogs on the shore and Diane was playing in the sand. Diane wanted to return to the campsite to be with her memere and pepere. Bernard said he would bring her back as soon as he got the line untangled. He turned around a few minutes later and Diane was no longer playing in the sand. Thinking that she had returned to the trailer, which was parked 500 ft away, Claire ran back to the trailer. Claire returned in a panic because Diane was not at the campsite. Bernard, Adolias, Claire and Therese started looking for her. They looked for about one hour thinking that she had just wandered off. They then decided to call the Ontario Provincial Police (O.P.P.) when they couldn´t find her.

The parents were scared that they wouldn´t find their baby before dark. Bernard wanted the police to call the USA and Canadian borders to advise them of his missing daughter but the police said they would find her in the park. The park was officially closed but people could still camp. The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) would come by at night to collect the camping fees. The gates to the park were left open. The police started looking, but to no avail. Night fall arrived and Bernard told the police to close the gate of the park so that no cars could go in or out of the park during the night. The police would not agree. They didn´t want to close the gates. Both Bernard and Claire were devastated that their little girl was not found before night fall. How hopeless they felt. How could a two year old baby survive the night in the woods at night? All through the night the father and grand-father drove around the park looking for her. They yelled and shouted Diane´s name but they didn´t find her. They just wouldn´t give up looking for her.

The next day the O.P.P. brought in divers to search the lake. The father kept telling them to search the park, Diane was afraid of the water and would not go near it. Still Diane was not found. The police dragged the lake and no body was found. The news was out that a child was missing in Grundy Provincial Park. This was the first missing child case in Sudbury district. It attracted a lot of media attention. People from Sudbury, Noelville, Britt and Parry Sound came to help with the search party. The Prevost family was well known in the town of Noelville where they were born and raised. Bernard and Claire lived in Blezard Valley and Bernard worked at Inco as a miner.

The police kept the search party at Grundy Park for four weeks. They didn´t find Diane. Bernard and Claire would not give up. They wouldnt give up hope of finding their daughter.

Two years later bones were found in an outdoor toilet at Grundy Provincial Park. The media covered the story claiming it was Diane Prevost that was found. Forensic testing revealed that it was bones from a dog and not a human.

To this day the family has not given up hope that one day their daughter will come home to them.

Age progression- approx 45 years old

Missing since August 9, 1985, Princeton, Louisiana

Endangered Missing Adult

If you believe you have any information regarding this case that will be helpful in this investigation please contact:
Bossier Sheriff's Office at (318) 965-2203
Clinton Devon Nelson
Endangered Missing Adult
Alias / Nickname:
Clint, Clinton Nelson-Johnson
Date of Birth:
Date Missing:
From City/State:
Princeton, LA
Missing From (Country):
Age at Time of Disappearance:
73 inches
160 pounds
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Glasses/Contacts Description:
Glasses with round silver wire frames.
Identifying Characteristics:
Faint scars from dog bite over right eyebrow onto eye lid, corner of right eye, right temple, and lower jaw line, scar from recent stitches on left collarbone, recently fractured three left ribs and right arm, facial hair on chin and lip, previously fractured legs.
Black "ECKO" brand T-shirt, blue jeans, black knit cap, new white "DC" athletic shoes with red trim, new black leather belt, white anklet socks with gray bottoms.
Circumstances of Disappearance:
Unknown. Clinton was last seen at approximately 8:30pm leaving a friend's residence in the vicinity of Ward Ln. and Hwy 80 in Princeton, LA. Clinton has a medical condition.
Investigative Agency:
Bossier Sheriff's Office
(318) 965-2203
Investigative Case #:
Additional Photo_____________

Additional Photo_____________

Morgan Dana Harrington

Endangered Missing Adult

If you believe you have any information regarding this case that will be helpful in this investigation please contact:
Virginia State Police at (434) 352-3435
Morgan Dana Harrington
Endangered Missing Adult
Date of Birth:
Date Missing:
From City/State:
Charlottesville, VA
Missing From (Country):
Age at Time of Disappearance:
66 inches
120 pounds
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Identifying Characteristics:
Ears double pierced, light brown oval shaped birthmark on posterior of right upper arm, wears contacts
Black T-shirt with band name Pantera in tan lettering across front of shirt, mini skirt, black tights and black knee-high boots
Silver dangling earrings, silver chain linked necklace, multiple rings and elastic band bracelet worn on left wrist
Circumstances of Disappearance:
Morgan accompanied friends to a Metallica concert at the John Paul Jones Arena at the UVA in Charlottesville, VA. She became separated from friends and called them from her cell phone at approximately 8:40PM indicating she finding alternative transportation home. Her purse and cell phone were located in a nearby parking area the following morning.
Investigative Agency:
Virginia State Police
(434) 352-3435
Investigative Case #:

Hailie Sanders- missing since 1-05-2010


Name: Hailie Sanders

Date of Birth: 07/07/1992
Date Missing: 01/05/2010
Age at time of disappearance: 17
City Missing From: Ashtabula
State Missing From: Ohio
Gender: Female
Race: White
Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: 116lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Fair

Identifying Characteristics: Wears glasses, has left nose piercing and several ear piercings

Clothing: Was last seen wearing a white and black plaid coat and red, black and white Southpole shoes

Circumstances of Disappearance: Hailie was last seen at the school she attends before school started. She never made it to class. She may be with a young adult male.

Investigative Agency: Ashtabula Police Department
Agency Phone: (440) 992-7172

Bobbi Ann Campbell- missing since 1-7-1995

Bobbi Ann Campbell

1 2
3 4 AP
Top Row and Bottom Left and Center: Campbell, circa 1995;
Bottom Right: Age-progression to age 38 (circa 2008)
Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

  • Missing Since: January 7, 1995 from Salt Lake County, Utah

  • Classification: Endangered Missing

  • Date of Birth: April 25, 1970

  • Age: 24 years old

  • Height and Weight: 5'1, 105 pounds

  • Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian female. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Campbell has a two-inch scar on her right shoulder and several tattoos, including a mushroom and a sunbeam on her right leg and a rose on her left leg.

  • Medical Conditions: Campbell may have a problem with substance abuse.

  • Bar
    Details of Disappearance
    Campbell was last seen leaving the residence she shared with her boyfriend on east 11900 South in Salt Lake County, Utah on January 7, 1995. She planned to drive to go pick up her paycheck from SOS Staffing Services, then go to the bank and the grocery store. Campbell never picked up her check and never returned home. She left her young daughter at her residence and has not been in contact with anyone, which family members stated is uncharacteristic of her. Authorities believe Campbell was sighted at a local park about six months after she went missing. About nine months after her disappearance, her car was found unlocked and abandoned at 200 South 1100 West, near the Jordan River. Her cosmetics, purse, clothes, money, clothes and Christmas presents from 1994 were still there, but there was no sign of her at the scene.
    Campbell's grandparents reported her missing to the authorities. They that she led a transient lifestyle in 1995 and may be endangered due to her possible drug usage. There's been no activity on her credit cards or financial accounts since 1995. Campbell's case remains unsolved.
    Investigating Agency
    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office

    Source Information
    Utah Criminal Tracking and Analysis Project
    Utah Department of Public Safety
    The Doe Network
    The Deseret News
    The Salt Lake Tribune

    Updated 6 times since October 12, 2004.
    Last updated January 6, 2010; details of disappearance updated.
    Charley Project Home

    Missing since Jan 6, 2004- Joseph Benton


    DOB: January 1,1985
    Missing: January 6,2004
    Age at disappearance: 18
    Sex: Male
    Race: White
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Hazel
    Height: 5’4”
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Missing From: Lufkin, TX

    This poster was placed by an Awareness Angels Network
    member, a program sponsored by Project Jason. For additional
    information, please see www.projectjason.org.

    Joseph last contacted his family at
    approximately 5:00pm in Lufkin, TX. His
    brown and tan 1987 Ford F-150 extended cab
    was later located on Parker Point Rd. near
    Zavalla, TX.
    Case Updates: http://www.projectjason.org/forums/index.php?topic=385.0
    Joe has a horizontal scar under his left eye and
    on the left side of his forehead. He has several
    tattoos, including a "mushroom" on right calf,
    the name "Smokey Joe" on left forearm, a
    "cross" between thumb and forefinger on right
    hand, letters "LOVE HATE" across knuckles on
    both hands, and a pierced left ear.

    Myspace link:

    Angels Awareness Network

    A while back, I joined Angel Awareness network, and now I recieve notifications of of new missing person alerts, and new posters available.
    I will be posting these alerts here on my blog as time permits.

    Missing Man: Darrel Dullum--MT--12/05/2009

    A while back, I joined Angel Awareness network, and now I recieve notifications of of new missing person alerts, and new posters available.
    I will be posting these alerts here on my blog as time permits.
    Today's emails include
    Darrel Dullum, of East Helena, Montana:
    Print a poster: http://www.projectjason.org/aan/AAN_DarrelDullum.pdf
    Photos provided by the family and edited by Project Jason
    Dec 7, 2009
    Darrel Dullum of East Helena reported missing since Saturday

    Lewis & Clark County authorities have called off a ground search for a missing East Helena man but continue to interview area residents for further leads.

    The Sheriff's office says 30-year old Darrel Dullum was last seen early Saturday walking out of the Eagles bar around 2:00 a.m.

    He appeared intoxicated and never got into his vehicle; one witness reported that Dullum was with two men outside the bar before he disappeared.

    Sheriff Leo Dutton says family members reported Dullum missing at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday.

    After a search on Saturday, searchers spent nine hours looking on Sunday.

    On Monday, a helicopter search checked the area near his house and all of East Helena.    

    Dullum is 6 feet fall and weighs about 160 pounds. He was last seen wearing gray jeans and shirt, a black Carhartt jacket and black boots. He was wearing a white baseball cap, and he has a goatee and pierced ear.

    Sheriff Dutton says his office will continue to interview residents and will check into leads of other possible locations.

    Anyone with information about Dullum’s whereabouts is asked to call the sheriff’s department at 406-447-8293.

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