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Friday, May 7, 2010

Laben Frank Bowling

Information about Laben Frank ‘Labe’ Bowling:

Source: his daughter, Beatrice (Bowling) Zienkosky)

Labe was born September 1896, or 1897, in Menifee County, Kentucky. He was the son of George W. Bowling, Sr., and Damia Bishop. He lived in Clay City Kentucky around 1938, 1939, but was in Columbus, Indiana in 1931, as he was in the Indiana National Guard there. Beatrice states that there are no military records for then, that they were destroyed in a fire in St. Louis. She also states that he had no social security number, or, they were just unable to locate one for him.

He went looking for work from Clay City, Kentucky, then never returned. He lived with George Bowling, Jr., his brother, in 1944-45, in Dayton, Ohio. He left his home and never returned. George saw him later in Cincinnati, but was not sure of the date.

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