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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Renee Pernice- Missing-

Renee Pernice has been missing since January 1, 2009. Any tips or information related to Renee's disappearance should be reported to the Tips Hotline at 816-474-TIPS. There is a $25,000 reward. Follow this link if you would like to print a copy of the latest flyer - http://www.docstoc.com/docs/4617872/Flyer3

The information herein was obtained from the myspace page set up about Renee:

  • Renee Pernice

  • 36 / Female
  • Kansas City, Missouri, US
Here are the facts that have been made public concerning the first week of Renée’s disappearance. All known facts in the case cannot be published due to the ongoing death investigation being carried out by the Kansas City Missouri Police Department and the Clay County Prosecutor’s Office. • On January 2, Shon was suppose to be leaving to attend a training session with the MO. National Guard. Instead, at around noon, he got the boys from the neighbor’s and picked up his daughter from her mother’s house. Later in the evening his daughter became distraught that Renée was not there and emailed her mother around 9:30pm asking to come home. • On Saturday, January 3, approximately 4:30am, Shon left his 11, 8, and 6 year old children alone (while they were sleeping) at home to go to Fire Station #5. He used his keycard to enter Fire Station #5’s Hazmat storage area. This area stores chemicals used for clean-up of hazardous spills, etc. Shon, an EMT for the Independence, MO, fire department was assigned to Fire Station #7, and he was not even supposed to be working at that time because he was on leave to attend his MO. National Guard training. • On Saturday, January 3, the mother of Shon’s daughter picked her up, cutting short the normal visit. • On Saturday, January 3, a family member called Renée’s home to speak to Renée. Shon answered and said that he did not know where Renée was. Family members called 911. Shon Pernice has given conflicting information on when he last saw Renée. He told a family member it was on January 1. He told police it was on the morning of January 2 between 9 and 10am. • At approximately 3:00pm, family members met Officers at Renee’s home. Family members along with officers entered the residence. They discovered that no one was home. They also discovered that Renee’s purse, vehicle, personal hygeine items and coat were at the residence. They noticed that Renee’s wallet, credit cards and cell phone were missing. Renee’s vehicle was in the garage. • While at the residence a call came in to a family member from Renée’s cell phone. (It was approximately 4pm. ) A homeless man had found the phone at approximately 1am that morning (1/3/09) on the ground in the northeast part of KCMO, approximately 12 miles from Renée’s home. Police sent a patrolman to pick up Renée’s phone from the homeless person. The family filed a missing person report while at the residence. • Shortly after the call Shon and 2 attorneys came in the house and ordered the family and police to leave. Shon’s attorneys said that Shon would not be speaking to family members or the police except through his attorneys. • On Sunday, January 4, Renée’s family immediately printed up posters and began posting flyers. They also searched portions of Kessler Park close to where Renée’s cell phone was found. In addition, they contacted the local news stations asking if they would broadcast the news of Renée’s disappearance. • On Monday, January 5, Detectives found divorce documents at Renée’s place of employment. They also found a photo of Shon with one of the children and an unknown woman in the file. • On Tuesday, January 6, in the evening, Shon drove to Line Creek Park, approximately 1.5 miles from Renée’s house and let the family dog out of the van and left. Detectives who were observing Shon retrieved the dog. • Shon Pernice has not cooperated with police and will only speak through his attorneys. It took until January 7 for police to obtain a warrant to search Renée’s house and January 9 for the car. AFFIDAVITS THAT CONTAIN MUCH OF THIS INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND AT THE FOLLOWING LINKS - http://www.docstoc.com/docs/4617840/Aff-1

 Please help this family in finding out what happened.


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