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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mikelle Biggs

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Mikelle was last seen riding her bicycle near her family's residence in Mesa, Arizona on January 2, 1999. Mikelle and her younger sister thought they heard an ice cream truck's music in the distance and asked their mother for money. Mikelle and her sister waited for the truck near Toltec Street and El Moro Avenue at approximately 5:50 p.m. Her sister became cold and returned to the family's home for a coat. Their mother sent her back for Mikelle, but she had disappeared. Mikelle's bicycle and her two quarters were found near the street where she had been standing. The bicycle was not at the corner, but partially back towards the house.
Authorities searched the entire area near Mikelle's family's home, but no evidence pertaining to her whereabouts was found. Authorities were unable to confirm if an ice cream truck was in the area at the time of her disappearance, but all ice cream vendors in the area were cleared of involvement in Mikelle's case. Known sex offenders in the vicinity were also cleared of any connection to Mikelle.

There have been many false leads in Mikelle's case. On January 9, police dug up what appeared to be a freshly-dug grave outside of Mesa. They found nothing. Two witnesses were put under hypnosis in hopes that they would remember something, but nothing came of that. A copper-colored jeep was reportedly spotted near Mikelle's home at the time she was last seen, but when its driver was located he was ruled out as a suspect and he had seen nothing usual. Houses in the neighborhood were searched with the consent of their owners, but to no avail. Only one homeowner refused to permit a search; he is not considered a suspect. On March 10, 1999, a man reportedly tried to abduct two girls, a 10-year-old and an 11-year-old, from a schoolyard. Police thought the incident might have been connected to Mikelle's case, but the "abduction" was revealed to be a hoax.

Investigators have released sketches of two possible suspects in Mikelle's disappearance. Both images are posted below this case summary. The sketches are not being widely publicized since authorities are not certain if the men are connected to her case.

Mikelle's father believes he knows who was reponsible for his daughter's apparent abduction. The man, who has not been identified, is currently incarcerated in an Arizona prison and denies any involvement in the case. On the fifth anniversary of Mikelle's disappearance, her family held a funeral for her with an empty casket. Her family now lives in Gilbert, Arizona. They believe Mikelle was murdered shortly after her disappearance. No charges have been filed against anyone in her disappearance.

Mikelle is described an intelligent, artistic, sociable person and an honor student. She played the clarinet and was a member of her school's student council at the time of her disappearance. She wanted to become an animator when she grew up. Her favorite color is purple and she has two younger sisters and a younger brother. There are few leads in Mikelle's disappearance and her case remains unsolved.
SOURCE: http://www.charleyproject.org

Mikelle Biggs, who hails from Mesa, was only 11 years old when she went missing on 2nd January, 1999. At the time of her disappearance she was at the junction of Toltec St and El Moro Ave, that falls in the central part of Mesa.

As per the 1999 reports of her disappearance, Mikelle had gone outdoors to buy herself an ice-cream. She had left the house with her elder sister Kimber, who on forgetting her jacket, again went inside the house asking her sister to wait outside for her. And in the 90 seconds that followed, the time that Mikelle was alone, she vanished.

All these years, detectives Domenick Kaufmen and Jerry Gissel had been working on the case assiduously, keeping alive the hope of finding her, but unfortunately on 15th May everything thing came to standstill. It is believed that the trail for the person who kidnapped Mikelle a decade ago has just gone cold. And its being said that the case will remain so until further developments takes place in the forensic technology or till some person voluntarily comes froward with some information that may lead to the person who kidnapped Mikelle.

Reflecting on the present situation, Gissel said “Hopefully, the individual who did this will realize the nightmare that they’re putting this family through,”. He further added “I know this person has got to be aching to get this information out. I know, like I’m sure he knows, that he needs to clear up this before he leaves this life because it’s not going to be very good for him afterwards.”


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