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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Laurence Kailanii Brannum

Case Type: Endangered Missing
Missing Date: Wednesday 15th April 2009
Missing From:  Santa Maria  Calafornia
Missing Country: USA
Sex: Male
DOB: 30/Jun/1999
Age Now: 10
Laurence Kailanii Brannum
Specific Details:
Hair:  Brown Eye Color: Brown
Height: 4'9" (145 cm) Weight: 64 lbs (29 kg)
Race: Black language: n/a

Distinctive Marks:
HFMC International Searching
Known Circumstances:  Laurence was last seen on April 15, 2009, at the north end of Paradise Beach, in Santa Maria, California. He may also go by his middle name, Kailanii.

Laurence Kailanii Brannum - Remembering a brother and son

The melancholy sounds of “Amazing Grace” filled the air at the end of Pismo Pier last Thursday morning as an Arroyo Grande family said goodbye to their brother and son.
Friends and family of 9-year-old Laurence Kailanii Brannum gathered at the end of the pier to remember the little boy who loved life, and watch as his siblings threw a wreath into the water that took their brother’s life.
Kailanii was knocked over by a wave and swept out to sea April 15 while exploring the tidepools near Mussel Point, south of Guadalupe. He was camping at the remote site with family friends.
Debbi Jicay Lynn Brannum held her three adopted children, Vanessa, Mikahla and Tashann — Kailanii’s biological siblings — close, whispering to them at the pier’s railing, as those who gathered began singing “Amazing Grace,” before the kids jointly threw the wreath into the ocean.
Despite tears at the pier, Kailanii’s oldest sister, Mandy Craner, who called her little brother, Lou, said the memorial was “a celebration of his life.”
She said Kailanii, whose favorite color was purple, was an “outdoorsy kid” who loved life and anyone he ever met. His mother agreed.

Mother of boy lost to the sea off Point Sal releases a statement


This is sent out to our community that we love and appreciate more than you will EVER know. This short story is about our lil' guy, Laurence Kailanii Brannum, who is known by Kailanii. I am his mommy, that's what he called me. My name is Debbi Jicay Lynn Brannum. Many people in the community are joining us in this shocking and sorrowful time of the loss of our little man, here's a portion of who Kailanii Brannum age 9 was, and still is.

Kailanii was the comedian of our family, he made us ALL laugh and giggle and his joyful happy-go-lucky disposition cured all of our "bad days." He had a servants heart and he had two speeds fast and faster. Our little man lived life to the fullest, he was on a mission and that mission was to learn all, take risks, talk often (much to his New Life preschool and Harloe teachers amazement!). He was adored by all that knew him, and although he had a difficult time following directions, his sweet beautiful face and charm allowed him to get miles and miles of grace from his consequences. He could talk his way out of any trouble... literally.

Kailanii's love for adventure was strong, he was confident in and his self-esteem was secure. He was not afraid, he had the attitude to live and live well. He would NEVER let any negative remark that was made to him ever define who he was. It just rolled off of him. Something we all could learn from him.

Kailanii lived life on the edge. He adored teasing all of his brothers and sisters, he could be annoying in a playful attitude, he just loved to have fun 24/7. He loved any small living critters, including lizards, spiders, yuck, I know. (smile) But he did have such a fascination with nature, science and learning. Kailanii knew he was a child of God, he was interested in learning anything he could learn about spiritually, just one week ago, he told his older sister, Amanda this, "I just can't wait to see Jesus!"

He loved to recite and to memorize scripture and his latest one was Micah 6:8. He respected and loved God greatly and he was most impressed with his great love, he never blamed God for anything that went wrong, he realized from a very young age that we are all given free will, and he knew it was choices we make that makes our life what it is. He was a deep thinker, strong willed child who melted our hearts and changed us daily.

Kailanii was passionate about peanut butter, bananas, and frozen yogurt with as many toppings he was allowed. He was the first up in our family every morning, starting from 5:30 to 6:00 a.m. he would open my door and always say, "Good morning, Mommy. How did you sleep?" I would respond with a sleepy, "I'm still sleeping." Oh, well I love you Mommy and I made you coffee, get up and hang out. That was hard to turn down. Everyone that knew him would agree that he had unlimited amount of energy. Such a life giver, encourager and child, sweet Kailanii. We miss and love you already.

Kailanii was CRAZY about sports, his first love was soccer, and he was quite talented in this sport, he had to be where the ball was and seldom paid much attention to the position the coaches would place him in. He was just completely in his own "Kailanii" world. He loved his friends, all of them and he had plenty of them. He has a wonderful role model mentor and his wife, Allan and Jackie, Kailanii adored both of them, and they along with all of us will miss Kailanii's abundance joy and zeal for life.

Kailanii's biological, adopted, and extension siblings are all in total shock and grief beyond words, but they are filled with peace that Kailanii is still exploring adventures beyond this life. Heaven. His siblings along with myself thank you, our precious community, for your unconditional love and support. You have been PARAMOUNT and a Strong Rock in our time of change, and challenges. Kailanii's siblings Vanessa, Mikahla, Tashann, Joshua, Amanda & Arron, Chandler & Charlie Ann, Caleb, Sara, Joy & Andy, Isabelle, Cainnon, Amber, Jenna, Lauren, Seth, Georgia, Chuck, Noah, Carissa & Cameron, Danielle, Megan, Jeremy, John and me, Debbi Jicay send thanks for standing alongside of us as we do the hardest thing in life, saying goodbye to our much loved and adored Kailanii. We share this story so that you would know a little more about this Arroyo Grande, 9-year-old boy that was lost in the sea, and found in Heaven, and forever and always in our hearts.

Dearly loved, forever cherished and never forgotten. May God bless us ALL.

Many have asked in the Community where the Kailanii memorial sites are, they are as follows.

Bank of America in the Village of Arroyo Grande

And as well at:

New Life Community Church
990 James Way
Pismo Beach, CA 93449

Also, Kailanii Brannum's Memorial Service is this Friday, April 24 at 6:00 p.m.
New Life Community Church
990 James Way
Pismo Beach, CA 93449


Del's Pizzeria holds fundraiser for Brannum family

A local restaurant helps out the family of an Arroyo Grande boy who is missing off the coast of Point Sal.
Nine-year-old Kailanii Brannum was swept off the shore while playing in a tide pool near Mussel Rock on Wednesday.
The search for Brannum was called off Thursday. Friday's Del's Pizzeria Italian Restaurant in Shell Beach chipped in to help out the family. Del's Pizzeria and its staff donated all of their tips, and a portion of its proceeds to the Brannum family.
It appeared to be a typical busy Friday night for Del's Pizzeria, but upon a closer look, it was anything but typical as Kailanii Brannum was on the minds of many. "It's been very somber but very supportive. People are like, wow, that's the boy we've been hearing about on the news," Bernadette Delmor the owner of Del's said.


Arroyo boy’s family still has hope

Some searchers still clung to hope Friday that young Laurence Kailanii Brannum would surface somewhere, down shore, on another beach, or near the spot where he disappeared while exploring tide pools this week.
But many others, including search-and-rescue officials, calculated the chances of 9-year-old Brannum’s survival in the choppy waters off Santa Barbara County as unlikely, calling off their search Thursday afternoon for the Arroyo Grande boy.
“There are still people out there searching for him,” said the boy’s aunt, Lori Brannum of Arroyo Grande. “They’re hoping maybe he washed up-shore 10 miles from there and crawled under a bush somewhere.”




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