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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Crystal Gail (Branham) Hall- Missing since March 2009 in Pikeville, Ky

According to her grandmother, Crystal Gail Branham Hall is an imperfect, but loving person.

The stress and emotion of not knowing what has happened to her granddaughter is written on Branham’s face. When speaking of her granddaughter, Branham turns pale, and she begins to cry.

Hall lives on Kentucky Avenue, and, according to Branham, last spoke with her sister on March 3. Branham said, Hall cut the call short saying there was someone in her house.

Her family has had no contact with Hall since that day.

Hall is a petite woman, is about 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs approximately 107 pounds. She has a fair complexion and red hair, although Branham said her granddaughter had recently dyed her hair an auburn color. Hall, who turned 25 in April, has brown eyes and a tattoo on her arm of a heart, and her ex-husband’s name, “Willie,” tattooed on her leg.

Hall also is the mother of three young children, ages 6, 5, and 3.

Branham has custody of two of her great-grandchildren.

Branham said she believes her granddaughter is dead because she wouldn’t have missed her daily calls to her children. Although Hall does not have custody of her children, Branham said she would call them every day to tell them goodnight, and to say that she loved them.

Branham gained custody of the children after she visited her granddaughter and Hall asked her to take the kids away, saying she wasn’t fit, at that time, to be a mother.

Hall has struggled with drugs, Branham said.

Branham said her granddaughter spent a year in jail in Lexington on drug-related charges, but Branham said that now she, didn’t “Think that she did them that often,” and acknowledged that she does not know what kind of drugs her granddaughter used.

Branham said that after Hall spent a year in jail, she had no desire to ever return and told her grandmother, “Please Grandma, wish nobody in jail, it’s not a good place.”

Hall did have visitation rights to her children, and would come and see them.

Her disappearance has been hardest on the children, Branham said, because they are too young to understand what it means when someone goes missing.

“They want to know how come Mom’s not calling or come to see them,” Branham said.

“I told them she’s on vacation. I’ve told them I can’t find her,” Branham said through tears. The children ask Branham to “go find her.”

When they are out, often the children ask where their mother could be, and ask Branham to go hunt for her.

“I say, ‘If I see her, we’ll stop,’” Branham said.

It isn’t possible, Branham said, that her granddaughter simply left. Hall would have contacted her grandmother, Branham said.

“By this time, she would have called,” Branham said.

Hall talked often with her grandmother, and spoke openly about her about her life, her drug use, and where she was going.

Branham said the police showed her two videos which may have shown Hall alive, and were taken in West Virginia. “It wasn’t her in either of those,” Branham said.

When speaking about what may have happened to her granddaughter, Branham breaks down.

Through a stream of tears, Branham says that with Hall missing, her granddaughter is at the forefront of her thoughts.

“That’s what you think about ... through the day ... even when you’re doing something ... she could catch you,” Branham said.

Hall’s family is not giving up looking for her. Her family has put flyers up all across southeastern Kentucky, parts of Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia.

“I think I could find her If I could find a little lead,” Branham said.

“I search and I search and I’ll keep on searching. Anytime I hear gossip about her, I take it to the police,” Branham said.

“I’m doing everything I can to find my baby,” Branham said.

Kentucky State Police Post 9 Detective Kevin Newsome, who is investigating Hall’s disappearance, said that the police have been pursuing many leads, but do not have any new leads. He also said several people have reported seeing Hall around the area, but police “Have not been able to confirm if it’s her.”

Newsome said anyone with any information about Hall’s whereabouts should come forward.

“If somebody had information, it’s going to be critical to the case and for us to be able to know what’s happened to this young lady. It’s going to help the family, whose been grieving over not knowing what’s going on,” he said.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Kentucky State Police Post 9, at 606-433-7711. Callers can remain anonymous.

In addition, anonymous tips can be made via the Internet, by e-mailing the Kentucky State Police. To e-mail KSP visit, www.kentuckystatepolice.org. Those with information may also visit, www.kentuckystatepolice.org/cold_case.htm, and submit an e-mail.



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